About Bernadette Arena
Bernadette is a yoga and meditation teacher and group facilitator and has
been teaching since 1993.
She has worked with people of all ages, from diverse backgrounds and
cultures and has developed skills of serving people dealing with significant
life issues.

Bernadette has worked with the Quest for Life Foundation since early 2006
and has been the Senior Facilitator on the core residential programs as well
as in collaboration with organisations such as the Benevolent Society, the
Cancer Council, Starlight Foundation.

She has a deep understanding of the use of suitable  movement and
meditation practices for people with cancer and serious illness.
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to find out more about Oncology Yoga.  A post graduate yoga teacher
training course on Oncology Yoga and Yoga for Recovery will begin late 2011..

Bernadette has a close association with International Yoga Teachers
Association (IYTA). She is a lecturer on the Teacher Training Course and has
designed and delivered yoga teacher training courses for other organisations.

During 5 years in the UK she taught retreats, workshops and classes across
the UK and in Europe. She studied intensively in the tradition of Vanda
Scaravelli.  Also working with Evolution Arts and Health centre and the
Brighton Buddhist Centre and community organisations. She taught for years
at the festivals, Buddhafield and Earth Spirit Festival.

"Bernadette brings a gentle and loving nature with insight and compassion
borne out of her experience". She explores a deep connection with the body
to nourish the spirit.  
Bernadette Arena
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without the need for fear
look again at all that
supports you
breath, sun, friend and
aspiration, and offer your
life instead
In formless quiet prayer