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Use your Mind to Change your Brain (to change your

Posted on Oct 10, 2012

Everyone wants to be happy.  We all want to feel healthy, loving and contented.
Yet, how?
Over many years I have studied, formally and informally, the findings of psychology,
neurology and the great contemplative traditions of the world (mainly yoga and
Buddhism and also Sufism).  And there are a plethora of very practical tools that can
help us to feel less stressed, less reactive to disturbing experiences, more aware of our
own bodies, and minds – more at peace.
Simply, if we want to be happy there are two ways to change our situation for the better

1.        Improve the outer situation , i.e. work on our experiences, change the
2.        2. Improve the inner ‘situation’.
As we know, there are so many limitations to our ability to change the outer situation.  
We have no power to change others, (disappointing!). Try getting a moody teenager to
listen to your reason, or your partner to stop that annoying habit…
We don’t have much influence either over external things.  Sure, we can rearrange the
furniture, buy new clothes, plant new trees, but eventually the furniture wears out, the
clothes get stained or don’t fit, the rosebush gets black spots, the car gets rusty. The
Botox doesn’t last…

If we continue to try to change the outer world we can (will) get sick, tired, depressed,
anxious, disconnected, disheartened and burnt out.
If we focus on our inner world and changing that, it has countless benefits.
We have incredible influence over our thoughts our behaviours and our reactions. The
key is becoming aware of them.  With a little effort we can feel more relaxed, let go of
painful past experiences, control our attention, improve our mood and change our brain.
All it takes is patience and practice.
As many of us have said in these blogs before, meditation is key and we can use any
Meditation practice we like.  We know that even a few minutes of Meditation will literally,
physically change our brain, and thus our ‘minds’.
I will share next time a couple of simple practices I am currently using to do just this.  
Stay tuned.
Love Bernadette
(Many thanks to the work of Rick Hanson a neuropsychologist, and researcher on
happiness, love and wisdom)

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