Cancer research institutes around the world agree that the use of
                appropriate yoga practices supports the physical, mental
                and emotional wellbeing of people dealing with cancer...
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Oncology yoga post graduate teacher training course

We all have people in our class with cancer of a history of cancer, or enduring the
effects of cancer treatment and working their way through the emotional journey
that accompanies cancer.

For 7 years I have been dealing exclusively with yoga for people living with cancer
and other life threatening illnesses, in association with the Quest for Life
Foundation. I teach yoga and meditation to participants on residential programs
with Quest for Life and have developed a unique approach to mindful movement
practices.  A post graduate training program for yoga teachers is in development
and information on modules and course dates will be available mid 2014.
Personalised classes and private tuition available on request
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Bernadette Arena
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" Thank you for the time,
expertise the day feeling
refreshed. I am also
sleeping much better.  I am
letting things settle and I
am much happier and
intend to put all I have
learned myself back to the
Bernadette’s voice still
lingers in my ear to jiggle
my legs and arms in the
morning; and I have really
committed to meditating
regularly, as they said even
just having the intention
to meditate has an impact!

Thanks for the